Extra Info

My WordPress themes are provided free of charge. The documentation found on this page is similarly free, and I provide it in an attempt to make using my WordPress themes a seamless and hopefully positive experience.

This information is provided solely as a starting point for working with WordPress in general and my themes in particular. It in no way should be considered a definitive guide, and I cannot be held liable for your or a third party's use of it. If you require professional assistance to manage your WordPress site, I suggest looking into a commercial WordPress theme that can provide that support for you.

You can also find some really excellent and thorough guides at the WordPress Codex. I may link to the Codex in my guides as applicable. However, I highly suggest browsing through it yourself if you find yourself in need of additional or supplementary documentation.

I don't currently provide any information on getting started with WordPress itself. All of my guides assume that you have a working installation of WordPress ready to go. If you don't and need some help getting things set up, I recommend looking at the WordPress Codex's Getting Started with WordPress page and/or looking for info from your hosting provider.