Gillian is focused on organizing and presenting large amounts of content in a logical, useful, and visually appealing manner. Fully responsive and accessibility ready, Gillian is suitable for education institutions, blogging platforms, libraries, and more.

Preview of Gillian

Responsive Design

Responsive design is pretty standard stuff these days, and Gillian makes sure that you've got your bases covered when it comes to this modern best practice for your web presence. Whether your users are interacting with your site on a smartphone or a 24-inch monitor, Gillian follows modern responsive design techniques to ensure that their experience remains consistent.

Custom Options

Gillian comes with a unique style, color scheme, and header image ready for your use. But you also have plenty of options to make Gillian uniquely yours. All via the WordPress Customizer, you can change any of the colors in the layout, remove or add your own header image, and more.

Page Templates

WordPress page templates are a great way to easily adjust the look and feel of your site. Gillian comes with the following templates:

  • Default (Content + Right sidebar)
  • Full Width Page
  • Three Columns (Left sidebar, Content, Right sidebar)

Valid, Reliable Code

Gillian was built using Underscores, a starter theme that's been put together by some of the people at Automattic. I aim to stay up-to-date on WordPress and other web best practices, but one person can only do so much. The folks behind Underscores make that so much simpler, and make my WordPress themes that much more reliable. Gillian is built on standard and reliable code that aims to provide you the best, most seamless interaction with the current build of WordPress and beyond.

Accessibility Ready

I aim to make designs and code that are structured, coherent, and usable for as many levels of functioning as possible. That includes users who are visiting the site on a screen-reader, or using only the keyboard or other assistive technology. It also includes those who have low vision or are color-blind, as well as users who are easily distracted by disjointed or over-crowded information and options.

Further Info

Interested in trying out Gillian on your website? Gillian is available for download from the WordPress theme directory. You can also download the most current version from GitHub and keep track of future updates there. If you have any questions or concerns about using my themes, take a look at my documentation for help, or head on over to my support page for information on how to best get in contact with me.