Welcome to Heidi

About the Theme

Heidi was originally designed with small public libraries in mind, but would work great for any institution, organization, or individual who’s interested in presenting their content in a fun, organized, and modern way. With a consistent design across static pages and blog posts, and a good handful of customization options, Heidi works well for a variety of user needs.


Custom Colors


Header, Background, & Featured Images


Fully Responsive

Core Features

You can install Heidi and be ready to go with the default color scheme and settings. But Heidi also comes with a variety of features that are designed to allow you further control over your project, while still being easy-to-use at different levels of WordPress (or coding) expertise.

Customizable Colors

Heidi ships with a default color scheme of red, green, and grey, put together with modern flat design styles in mind. But you can also delve into the options in your WordPress Customizer that allow you to control the colors of a whole variety of elements in the theme — absolutely no CSS editing necessary!

Current custom color support includes adjusting:

  • Header text
  • Background
  • Navigation links
  • Navigation links – hover *
  • Main color (default green featured in header area)
  • Main accent (darker green used as an accent throughout theme)
  • Main text
  • Posts/page background
  • Posts accent
  • Entry footer text *
  • Posts border
  • Sticky posts background
  • Sticky posts accent
  • Sidebar background
  • Sidebar text
  • Sidebar links
  • Sidebar links – hover *
  • Calendar background
  • Calendar Top Row *
  • Calendar border
  • Footer text *

* New in Heidi 1.0.4

Custom Header & Background Images

In the WordPress Customizer, simply go to the section Header Image or Background Image to upload an image of your choice. Header images should be 1400 x 300 pixels or larger. If you upload a larger image, you will have to crop the image to 1400 x 300.

Featured Images

Heidi fully supports Featured Images, on posts and (new to Heidi version 1.0.4) pages. Simply click “Set featured image” when you edit a post/page via your dashboard, and you can upload an image of your choice. Large images will fit into the width of the post/page. Smaller images are centered with a light green background behind the image.

Fully responsive

Designed with a mobile-first approach and an emphasis on responsive design, Heidi is ready-for-use on a multitude of screen sizes and across devices. Whether your users are viewing your site on a phone or a large-screen desktop monitor, Heidi adapts your layout and content to fit their needs.

Editor style

When you write in the WordPress editor for a page or post via your dashboard, Heidi allows you to view in real time what the fonts and formatting of the post will look like once you publish your content.

Widgetized sidebar area

You can add as many widgets as you want to the sidebar, currently located on the right side of the page. Check back soon for more layout options (left sidebar, full-width pages)!

Clean, consistent, & well-maintained code

Heidi is regularly updated, and aims to provide a framework for your project that is valid, clear, and standardized to current best practices. Based on the starter theme Underscores, Heidi already has a head-start in making sure you have accurate and up-to-date code running your site behind-the-scenes.