Customizing Colors

My WordPress themes come ready-to-use with their own unique color schemes. However, you also have plenty of options for customizing these colors in order to make the theme uniquely yours -- and to better represent the identity of your institution, brand, or personality.

Do I need CSS or HTML knowledge to change the colors in your themes?

While you can of course access the stylesheet to make your own edits to colors (and more), you usually don't need any CSS or HTML knowledge to change the colors in my themes. Instead, you can use the WordPress Customizer for a what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface that allows you to pick and choose the colors of different areas throughout the theme.

If you happen to find that there is some part of the theme that does not have an option available to edit the color in the Customizer, you will probably need to change this in the stylesheet (so, using CSS). However, I try to provide options in the Customizer for all colors in my themes. If you think you have found a color that is not editable via the Customizer, feel free to send me an email (identifying which theme you're using, of course) and I'll see if I can get it added for you in a future update for the theme.

Editing colors with the WordPress Customizer

Log into your WordPress dashboard. If you are viewing your own site, you can click on Customize in the admin toolbar at the top of your screen. You can also navigate to the Customizer from your dashboard screen by clicking on Appearance --> Customize.

Once you're in the Customizer, click on the Colors tab. You should see a list of all of the colors you can edit. While each theme will have its own unique list of customizable colors, you will most likely find some of the following: Header text and background colors, Main background color, Navigation link colors, Content text and link colors, and more.

I try to keep the descriptions of the colors you can edit as understandable as possible. However, if you are confused about which part of the theme an option will alter, you can always try editing the color and looking for the corresponding change in the preview provided for you on the right of your screen.

The Customizer provides you with a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to select new colors of your choice. However, if you have the Hexadecimal Color Code (such as #ffffff for white) on hand of your new color, you can also input this here.

What if I want to return to the default color scheme?

If you've altered some or all of the colors via the Customizer but have decided against your changes, there's no need to panic. You can always click on the Default button for each color option to return it to the original state that comes with my themes. Unfortunately, I currently don't know of a way to change all of the color options back to default in bulk. If you want to reset all colors to their defaults via the Customizer, you will have to click on each individual color option and click Default for that particular option.