Uploading/Changing Header Image

My WordPress themes support uploading a custom header image via the WordPress Customizer without having to worry about editing any of the HTML or CSS yourself.

Uploading a header image with the WordPress Customizer

Log into your WordPress dashboard. If you are viewing your own site, you can click on Customize in the admin toolbar at the top of your screen. You can also navigate to the Customizer from your dashboard screen by clicking on Appearance --> Customize.

Once you're in the Customizer, click on the Header Image tab. The Header Image section should indicate to you the recommended header size for the theme you are using (you can also find that info below, see: Theme Specific Requirements).

Once you have an image ready, click Add new image. You can either upload a file here or select one from your Media Library if you have already uploaded it. Hit Select and Crop, and once you have completed this step, your image should now appear in the preview on the right of your screen.

Removing a header image with the WordPress Customizer

To remove a header image, go back to the Header Image tab in the Customizer. Click Hide image, and your preview should update to a plain header area that is either the default color of the theme or the color of your choice if you have edited your theme's color scheme.

If you change your mind or accidentally hit Hide image, you should be able to get your image back by clicking on it under Suggested in this same tab.

Note that my theme Gillian comes with a default header image that is free for you to use when you download the theme. If you do not wish to use this header image and also do not wish to upload your own to replace it, you can of course remove the default image using the method described here.

Theme Specific Requirements

If you are using Gillian, your header image should be 1920 x 265 pixels or larger. If you upload an larger image, you will have to crop the image to 1920 x 265.

If you are using Heidi, your header image should be 1400 x 300 pixels or larger. If you upload a larger image, you will have to crop the image to 1400 x 300.