Header image for Valentina na estrada

Graphic design / Inkscape / WordPress


Valentina na estrada (Valentina on the road) is a travel blog focusing on family trips. The star of the blog is baby Valentina, who travels to different places with her parents. For this project, I created an illustration to be used as a header image for the site, as well as on associated social media accounts.

The illustration

We knew that we wanted to focus on family vacations, perhaps with some combination of a beach scene and a big city. Starting with Miami in mind, I created the initial illustration in Inkscape.

For the final version of the illustration, we decided to move away from the beach theme, but kept the Miami feel, combining the cityscape in the background with tropical palm trees. The family is placed on a road leading into the city, and the title of the site is incorporated into the image.

Header image, featuring mother, father, and baby Valentina in front of a city

Valentina na estrada is currently running my WordPress theme, Heidi, so I was able to provide specific instructions/assistance with implementing the image seamlessly into the theme.

In addition to this main header image, I also created some smaller variations for use as business cards or other smaller online logos. These incorporate the same items as in the header illustration, featuring the family, the city, and the text logo.

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